Borrowing Policies/Late Fees

Patrons can sign out eight (8) items per membership for a period of 3 weeks.
These items include books, magazines and Audio Books.
The items may be renewed for another three weeks providing no other patron has placed a hold on the item.

Patrons can borrow 2 Videos/DVDs per adult membership for a period of one week free of charge. Sorry no renewals on videos and DVDs.

Late Fees

A late fee of $0.10 /per item/ per day late will be charged on books, magazines and audio books.
The late fee for Video and DVD is $0.50 per day late.
If late fees accumulate to $3.00 or higher we will have a talk.

Lost or Damaged Items

If items get lost, damaged and/or eaten by the dog we will ask you to pay for the replacement cost of such item. Patrons will be charged the real or estimated cost of the material at time of its purchase.