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How to Search the Catalogue of North Norfolk-MacGregor  Library

  • On the North Norfolk-MacGregor Library page, you can search the library’s collection using the Simple or Advanced options.
  • Login using your 14-digit North Norfolk-MacGregor Library number and your password. Call the library if you do not know your password (204) 685-2796.
  • You are automatically on the Simple Search option. The Advanced search option is available next to the search bar.

Simple Search

  • Select ‘Simple’.
  • Six search options are given:
  1. Title
  2. Author
  3. Subject
  4. Call number
  5. ISBN
  6. Date Published
  • At “Sort results by” select one. (Usually Title or Author)
  • At   “Search” enter book title or Author’s name (Last name first)
  • Hit ‘Enter ‘on your keyboard.
  • The Search Results list appears.
  • At the very top of this page you can refine your search results if needed. Select criteria and click on “select”
  • At the left side of the result list you can refine your search if needed by choosing one of the options:
  1. Type of Material;
  2. Subjects;
  3. Authors;
  4. Series;
  5. Publication Date;
  6. Series;
  7. Publication;
  8. Date
  • Select any of the links under these categories by clicking on the link.
  • The Search Result List provides information on:
  • ‘Qty’ = number of copies of this title in our collection
  • ‘Call No’ = is a group of numbers and/or letters put together to tell you where in the library to find the book.
  • ‘Title’ = Full title and subtitle of the book.
  • ‘Authors’=Full name of the author of the book. Last name comma first name.
  • ‘In/Copies’= Book is in the library or out on loan. 0In/1: book is out.  1 In/ 1: Book is available.

Click on 0In/1 to find the due date of the book on loan and the expected return.

Advanced Search

Select ‘Advanced’ if a more refined search is desired on the top of the Welcome page.

  • Enter the information after “Find”
  • Choose criteria (Keyword, title etc.)
  • Highlight Language, Medium Type and Collection Type
  • Search or hit Enter.
  • To conduct another search  select “ New Search”
  • To end search: close page (X)