Helpful tips for accessing RBdigital ; emagazine and eaudiobook app.

Are you having troubles accessing the new emagazine (aka Zinio) and eaudiobook app from RBdigital?

Here are some helpful tips.

1) To access e-audiobooks on your computer via a browser, go to:

You can login in with your account and you should be able to checkout eaudiobooks.

2) To access e-magazines via a browser, go to:

You can login with your account to checkout magazine issues.

3) To access both emagazines and eaudiobooks through the app on your ipad or phone (android, ios, kindle)

You need to download the RBdigital app from the appstore.

Once downloaded, login with your username (your email) and then choose the North Norfolk MacGregor Regional Library profile. Then enter your password. Once logged in, you should be able to browse and check out both emagazines and eaudiobooks in the one app.